Beard  Wax

Our beard wax, "Dapper Man," is a combination of skin loving coconut oil and super moisturizing raw mango seed butter. The combination of these two simple ingredients help maintain healthy skin on your chin and face in addition to keeping those bristly hairs on your face from going awry!

Bay Rum and Sandalwood

Lime and Bergamot

Midnight Cowboy

Balsam and Cedar

Lime and Bergamot

Beard  Oil

Our beard oil is a new luxury just released this year. Combining the amazing argan oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera oil, and more... just a few small drops of this oil in your beard will help condition the hairs, soften the skin, and leave your beard smelling fresh and clean.

Shaving Creams are $15 each, shaving brushes are $18 ~ Each soap is 12oz ~
Beard Wax is $6 for 4oz
Beard Oil is $15 for 2oz
To order, email your request to and we will send an invoice within 24 hours and products usually ship within 48 hours!

Lime and Bergamot

Shaving Cream

With our new, rich, lathery shaving cream, you'll never want to go back to conventional shaving creams and gels again! Made to be extra rich and full of lather, you'll love the way your skin feels!