The Nubian Kids

Hannah, Hermit, and Holly
Kevin and Sierra
Jake and Nuksha
Emily and Desi
The Guinea Hen
The horses
Plus Vite (pony), Desi, Sierra, Nuksha
Nubian Buck
The ducklings
White Peking
The chickens
Buff Orpingtons, Barred Rockhens, Easter Eggers, White Leghorns, Auracanas, Gold Laced Wyandotte, Silver Laced Wyandotte, Cocoa Marans, and Black Sexlinks
Australian Shephard
Herding Dog
Great Pyrenese
Livestock Guardian Dog
The cats
Buzzy, Boots, Tommy, Silo, and the random stray cat that adopts us every once in a while!
We are currently at 7 beehives strong!
German Angora bunny
Lop ear bunny
Nubian dairy goat
Molly and Maddy
Angora fiber goats
Alice and Acadia
Cashmere fiber goats
The newest addition to our family, filling our days with laughter and giggles, Joey has learned how to tap Maple Trees and make syrup before his first big words and steps!
Master of mischief and everything that has to do with fun -- Jake! With his sweet smile, he is also a wonderful farm hand. Raising Jake to learn about life on a farm has been a real joy.
The soap maker, fiber artist, canning queen, and crafter extraordinaire -- Emily. Spending countless hours and long evenings doing what she loves best, crafting quality products with her creative mind and skilled hands.
The builder, farmer, and master architect of the homestead -- Kevin.  No project would be complete on the farm without his touch of handiwork and tender care.

Meet the Farm