Laundry soap is $7 each, 32oz ~ Stain remover is $5 each, 4oz ~ To order, email your request to and we will send an invoice within 24 hours and products usually ship within 48 hours!

Laundry Soap

Our laundry soap is made from all natural coconut oil soap, washing soda, and borax, natural salts and sodas that are fragrance free, gentle on even the most delicate skin, and come without the petroleum surfactacnt residue that remains on your clothing like commercial products. Our laundry soap is safe for HE and regular machines, hot or cold water. One small tablespoon cleans an entire load of laundry.

For a natural fabric softener, consider using a cup of white vinegar. It does wonders on your clothing, restoring a natural softness to the fabric. And, don't worry, the vinegar smell comes out when the clothes dry!

We also offer a natural coconut oil soap stain remover that works wonders on your fabric. Simply wet the fabric with hot water, rub in the stain remover, let sit for 5 minutes, and wash!